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Newbie - How to create an edge node server and add to the existing cluster?

Question asked by AlejandroChoi on Dec 16, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by mufeed

Hi guys, 

I'm a newbie. I have created a 3 node cluster (map 5.1) with the latest patches installed on my cluster. i enabled secure cluster. All ssl_truststore, ssl_keystore, cldb.key and maprserverticket copied to all nodes. it's working.

The vm servers are aa1, aa2 and aa3. The following roles are listed below:


/dev/sda - 100GB - local file system

/dev/sdb - 75GB - Mapr-FS


aa1 - RM (stand by), ZK

aa2 - RM, ZK

aa3 - CLDB, HS, ZK



aa4 - This will be an edge node server that I would like to add to the cluster. I already installed 6.7 CentOS x86_x64.

it has /dev/sda - 100GB (FS). I know an edge know it's a gateway. I'm not so sure what binary i should install on aa4.


Do you know the process of adding an edge node to the existing map 5.1 cluster? 

are these the only binaries that i need to install on the edge node server and then run /opt/mapr/server/

rpm -ivh mapr-fileserver- mapr-core- mapr-nfs- mapr-nodemanager- mapr-mapreduce2-

Note: i'm not planning to add /dev/sdb - 75GB on the edge node.


Appreciate if you could help me out.