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(1396, "Operation CREATE USER failed for 'hue'@'hadoop00'")

Question asked by waikiat.yip on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2016 by apatil

Hi Team, 


This morning i have installed single node Mapr in Linux 7.2 64bits. Installation successfully but ozzie and hue service is failed, therefore i uninstall it. I have deleted /tmp mapr foldr, /opt/mapr  and /var/www/html/mapr  then run script again, without any problem. Able to access to 9443 GUI , then start installing, however it fail at 8X% and come out this error message. 

(1396, "Operation CREATE USER failed for 'hue'@'hadoop00'")


do you have any idea how to solve it?