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Messages in MapR stream expiration (default TTL passed), can messages be recovered?

Question asked by Lilia on Dec 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by cmcdonald

Dear Team,


Following real life situation - Oracle Golden gate replication of a table acting as a producer (builder of the messages) published these events into mapr stream and a certain topic.

MapR Stream parameter TTL is default (604800  seconds or 7 days).


produceperm copyperm logicalsize adminperm topicperm ttl path numtopics defaultpartitions autocreate consumeperm compression physicalsize
p u:## 65536 u:## p 604800 /OGG/streams/eee 2 1 true p lz4 114688

Is this meaning they are expired and deleted due to TTL? Can messages still be exported from MapR FS?


According to the documentation,  converged version of Mapr Stream already persist automatically the data within Mapr FS and any time we can run batch jobs to extract all historical information


Thank you and kind regards,

Lilia Svilenova