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MapR Certified Cluster Administrator Study Guide Question 9

Question asked by bgajjela on Dec 8, 2016
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Below is the sample question from MapR Certified Cluster Administrator Study Guide . Can anyone explain why the answer is 800TB.  I believe the answer should be A i.e., 640 TB considering default replication factor (3 x 180TB+5x20TB=640TB)


MCCA Study Guide - MapR Certified Cluster Administrator 




Q9.You are creating a new cluster, and will load 200 TB of non-compressible data into the cluster. 20 TB of the data is considered critical, and will have a replication factor of 5. The rest of the data will use the default replication factor.About how much total cluster storage space should you start with?


A.640 TB

B.*800 TB

C.900 TB

D.1280 TB