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MapR Expansion Pack (MEP) 2.0 was announced in December (Announcing: MEP 2.0 Released).  We expect you have questions about the new capabilities, and we're here to answer them. Over the week of January 23-27, 2017, we are hosting "Ask Us Anything," focusing on MEP 2.0's new capabilities.


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  • Share your environment/versions, both MEP and MapR versions 
  • Share any diagnostics, such as log files, error messages, code snippets, etc.


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Our MEP Experts


William Ochandarena


Will Ochandarena is Director of Product Management at MapR, responsible for user experience and cloud. Prior to MapR, Will spent some time in the SeaMicro group at AMD, responsible for networking and cloud strategy, and before that was a product manager for the Nexus family of data center switches at Cisco. Will has an engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and and MBA from Santa Clara University.


Topics covered in this discussion: 

- Kafka Connect for MapR Streams

- Kafka REST Proxy for MapR Streams

 Neeraja Rentachintala


Neeraja Rentachintala is Director of Product Management for MapR, where she is responsible for the product strategy, roadmap, and requirements of all MapR SQL initiatives. Prior to MapR, Neeraja held numerous product management and engineering roles at Informatica, Microsoft, Oracle and Expedia, and most recently was the principal product manager for Informatica Data Services/Data Virtualization. Neeraja received a BS in Electronics and Communications from the National Institute of Technology in India and a certification in software product management from the University of Washington.


Topics covered in this discussion: 

- Apache Drill 1.9

Prashant Rathi


Prashant Rathi is Sr. Product Manager at MapR Technologies, responsible for management suite of Products. Previously, he worked on network and application monitoring products at Riverbed and IoT products at Silver Spring Networks. He has an MBA from Santa Clara University and MS in Computer Science from University of Minnesota.


Topics covered in this discussion: 

- MapR Installer Stanzas 

Balaji Mohanam 


Balaji Mohanam works on the MapR product management team. He has 6+ years of product development and partnership experience across online and mobile payments, Financial services CRM, and e-commerce. He also holds an MBA from Duke. Prior to MapR, Balaji worked for companies such as Google, Oracle and Ebay.  


Topics covered in this discussion: 

- Spark 2.1

 Rachel Silver


Rachel Silver is the Technical Product Manager for the Hadoop Ecosystem at MapR. Prior to her position at MapR, she has worked in the Big Data field as a Solutions Architect and Applications Engineer. Passionate about the intersection of data and humanity, Rachel is a big supporter of Open Source Software. Currently living in Pittsburgh, PA, she's enjoying the occasional ride in self-driving Ubers.


Topics covered in this discussion: 

- General MEP & other MEP 2.0 components




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