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ESS102:  Lesson 7: Compare & Contrast MapR-DB, HBase, and RDBMS

Question asked by stealthfrognz on Nov 26, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by GregR

Thanks for putting up with my questions!


Question 1: 7.1.2 "Traditional RDBMS" have a schema, and don't support semi-structure and unstructured objects.  But SQL Server (and I would suppose Oracle as SQL Server functionality tends to lag behind Oracle) has supported XML for quite some time, and now JSON in 2016. I am not familiar with MySQL and Postgres, or DB2 but would assume they also have or soon plan to have this.  So as these vendors continue to add this in to their traditional RDBMS products, is there still a good value proposition for HBase and Mapr-DB?


Question 2: Mirroring and replication.  Do you have any MapR customers that use VMWare Servers on Mirrored IBM SAN Disk?  Have they made any changes to their installation I am not a server administrator, but a database administrator, so get a bit confused when the server/network team says we have full mirroring and replication at the SAN disk level, making my database replication and mirroring "unnecessary".  I was just wondering if you had any whitepapers on installing MapR on VMware sitting on Mirrored SAN disks and the differences between this and commodity physical servers in terms of implementation, costs and benefits analysis.