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Architecture & Administration:  Installing/migrating to MapR and de-Installing MapR

Question asked by stealthfrognz on Nov 26, 2016
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In the Essentials it appears that MapR has been built to improve upon the Hadoop Open Source performance, reliability, and support POSIX (e.g. standard unix/Linux commands etc).  One thing it states is that MapR components are "fully compatible with the Hadoop and its ecosystem components".  So, I was just wondering a few things:

Question 1: What effort is involved in migrating to fully to a MapR solution from a general open source Hadoop solution.

Question 2: What effort is involved to migrate back to a fully open source Hadoop solution from MapR.

Question 3: Can pieces of the MapR components vs full MapR components exists in a hybrid like environment?

Question 4: Would we expect eventually that the Hadoop Open Source project will implement MapR features/functionality?


My thinking around these questions is about the costs involved (capital and ongoing support) for moving to a commercial product vs purely open source. There may be a time in my application lifecycle of requiring more robust support with a vendor product, and then towards the end of the lifecycle reducing support costs.