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ESS 101 – Apache Hadoop Essentials 3.3.2 MapReduce Example

Question asked by stealthfrognz on Nov 26, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by MichaelSegel

Sorry, I realised I created a discussion when I meant to ask a questions... so moved it to here.


I am calling the little numbered blue bubbles "slides" for reference, so 1st question is about slides 1 and 2.

Question 1:

This is probably a bit anal....

I was wondering why the only key value pairs produced by Tweedle Dee's Poem are:










What happened to "walrus,1", "said,1", "to,1", "talk,1", "of,1" x 3 , "many,1", "things,1", "shoes,1", "ships,1", "sealing,1", "wax,1", "cabbages,1", and "kings,1"?


Question 2:
Slide 4: "the framework sorts records by key, for each key sends all records to a particular reducer."  How does it know which reducer to send it to?


Thanks for your help