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Repair MapR-DB table data

Question asked by teitou on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by maprcommunity


We are using MaprRTable via M7. Physical failure was reported on one node and become unrecoverable. To mitigate, we removed this node from our cluster. It appears in our MaprR Table, part of the data in he tables were damaged; when attempting to access, we get the following error. Replication was configured at 3.


hbase(main):004:0> get 'article','|20161110'
2016-11-17 04:02:40,5373 ERROR JniCommon fs/client/fileclient/cc/ Thread: 9316 Error in DBGetRPC for table /user/hadoop/article, error: Stale File handle(116)
ERROR: Error: Stale file handle(116)


Also, info for our office containers is as follows. Could you please advise, how we can recover our data? Man thanks.


maprcli dump containers -type offline -json
"timeofday":"2016-11-17 04:24:05.868 GMT+0000",
"Master":"unknown ip (0)-0-VALID",


"IP:Port":"unknown ip (5591092265398397052)-3"
"OwnedSizeMB":"0 MB",
"SharedSizeMB":"0 MB",
"LogicalSizeMB":"0 MB",
"TotalSizeMB":"0 MB",