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Querying MapR streams using Hbase

Question asked by mahdi62b on Nov 16, 2016
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I want to query MapR streams using Hbase..But I don't know exactly what are the columns related to MapR streams..Following this link..the structure for MapR streams are as follow:

{     "_id":<STRING>,


My stream name is .."/sample-stream"..I use bellow code to query the stream


val config = HBaseConfiguration.create()
val table = new HTable(config, "/sample-stream")and 

// Instantiating Get class
val g = new Get(Bytes.toBytes("???row1?????"))


// Reading the data
val result = table.get(g)


// Reading values from Result class object
val value = result.getValue(Bytes.toBytes("???familyname???"),Bytes.toBytes("topic"))


// Printing the values
val svalue= Bytes.toString(value)


System.out.println("value: " + svalue)


But I don't know exactly what are the column names related to a MapR stream ..for example how to change the above code to access the "value" and "key" column?