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Question about current MCCA exam

Question asked by FallEquinox on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by FallEquinox

I notice that version 5.2 is out and documentation presents 5.2 version as is the latest. However, I am scheduled for the cluster admin certification at the end of this month (11/2016) and I believe that is still focused on version 5.1


As such, I've been studying with the 5.1 documentation.


There are some immediate differences when I compare both at a glance such as installation for example. Version 5.1 you install each service on the node per the cluster installation plan. It seems that in version 5.2 you run the script instead.


My question, or curiosity rather, is if the Certification exam will be looking for 5.1 answers or 5.2 answers, as these may be different in some cases. I would imagine it would be looking for 5.1 answers but would like to confirm before test day. I ask also because the 5.1 documentation does not mention the script but the online on-demand training does mention it.


Thank you!

- Luis Hernandez