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Volume and Sub volume Inheritance

Question asked by maheshr1521 on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by maheshr1521

What does mean "Specific Volume Inheritance".  Is it just that sub volume inherits the properties from parent volume?


E.g.: Parent Volume Hard Quota (Finance) :  500TB


I have created two sub volumes :  Dept1 and Dept2




Whether Dep1 and Dep2 will have 500TB each ? or

I can only give Hard Quota to Dept1 and Dept2 not more than 500TB together?


Use Case:

I don;t want to assign any Quota to Sub volumes, it should use 500TB assigned to parent volume?

Basically, i want to setup a volume for Finance group and create sub volumes for each Dept, but don;t want to assign any specific Quota to each Dept it should use within Quota assigned to parent Finance volume?


I know that Volumes and Sub volumes are separate volumes and not nested.