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User Impersonation - Setting up linux client

Question asked by gesgeorge on Nov 2, 2016
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I'm trying to execute HBase Client code that queries MapR-DB from a linux client ( linux machine not part of the MapR cluster). Security is not enabled on the cluster; when using a Windows machine, the setup was quite simple with user spoofing.


On linux, I followed the instructions for installing a linux client and configured access to the cluster. From linux, I can execute the code and get the expected results if I run the code as a cluster user, currently the "mapr" super user i.e created the mapr user with the same uid & gid on the linux client and run as that user.


What I would like to do is run the query code as my login user. The cluster has permissions only for the mapr superuser. How do I tell the java code to execute on the cluster as the mapr user. Right now when I run the hbase client code, I can see that the user sent across is my logged in linux user. and the code executes (i.e. no errors and exceptions) but I get zero results as the data is stored with permissions for the mapr user.  Do I need to use impersonation to make this work? I followed the instructions at the link below but that did not work

Configuring Impersonation When Security Is Not Enabled 


The documentation on this is a little confusing and there are some differences between the documentation for 5.1 and 5.2. I'm running v5.1. In the 5.2 docs, there is a page on 

Resolving Username with UID and GIDs During Impersonation but when I tried this command it failed saying its an incorrect config.

maprcli config save -values {}


Your help is appreciated.