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Setting up MapR client on Mac...

Question asked by MichaelSegel on Nov 1, 2016
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Ok, so I'm playing with MapR5.1 Community Edition. Cluster is a single node NUC running without too many hiccups....


My client is my Mac Laptop.  I downloaded the Mapr 5.1 client.


Followed the instructions to set it up and configure it.


First question / nag...

I keep getting the warning that I don't have any native libraries.... Ok. fine... how do I shut off this warning?


Second question:

HBase. I would love to run hbase shell locally, as well as connect to hbase from a local app (zeppellin job)

what am I missing?  Note: It doesn't appear that there is ZK running on the cluster, although its a single node of HBase.

(What about MapRDB? ) So how do I get an HBase Client install?


Third question:


On the cluster, I have spark-1.6.1 installed in /opt/mapr/spark/spark-1.6.1 .

What about installing a later version of spark?

Should I just pull the binaries from MapR's site and drop it in... and creating the symbolic link to a later release (spark 2.01? ;-)   Or is there something else? 


What about Scala support?  version 2.11?


Would like to build Zepellin to run local to my laptop but use the cluster, but I don't think Paul's example (blog) covers this and looks like he built it for a node.


Sorry for the long question(s)