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Access denied when the users have different uid

Question asked by wlimam on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by wlimam
Hi all,
I have a really urgent issue.
I have 4 java applications  running on 4 different machine (CentOS). All the applications need to insert files in MapR-FS on a remote cluster (CentOS).
In each client machine, i have installed the MapR Client and the connection is established correctly with the cluster.
The 4 machines are run by  4 different users(the users doesn't have the same uid and gid).
In the remote cluster, the only user that has access to the directory in which we want insert files, has a   different uid and gid from the users in the client machines.
Now, when the applications try to put files in MapR-FS, i get the following exception User palm(user id 1919)  has been denied access- MapR Client
i searched all overs for a solution , and i found that i must run the 4 java applications with the same uid and gid than the server user. (that's mean it is necessary to create 4 users in the server machine with the same uid and gid)
i found an other solution, which is the impersonation. but it is not recommended because the cluster is not secure.
My question is: does it necessary to have users with the same uid and gid in the client and server machines. is there any other solution ?
Thanks in advance