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Is it possible to share a Zeppelin paragraph link with anonymous user when authc is enabled?

Question asked by aalvarez on Oct 19, 2016
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I have a Zeppelin instance with shiro security enabled (/authc). Some of the reports under a "public" user are been shared through iframe in a website where I am sharing dashboards from other analytics tools.


However, under the current settings, in the website, only zeppelin users that are logged in under "public" can see the report from zeppelin. The website already filters users so I don't mind having all users see these reports. Currently users that are not currently logged into Zeppelin have to do so first to see these reports on the website. This is not only a bothersome process to users, but also risky as these are non technical and public users have permissions to create new notebooks.


I have evaluated a few things that could work for me:


1) If there is an Zeppelin API I can call from a button on a website to allow to log in users and refresh the page on the same click

2) If I can revoke permissions to create new notebook to "public" user


3) If I can make the links shared by a user accessible to anonymous user.  


Any help on how to work any of the above or other solutions would be greatly appreciated.


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