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Running Apache Drill with Bad host information exception

Question asked by ondrad on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by jhansen



I'm facing strange error on my two MapR 5.1 clusters (3 and 5 nodes) with Drill. The case is:

  1. install cluster with installer (maprdb & drill)
  2. create maprdb table (json or binary - doesn't matter)
  3. try to query the table with drill e.g. SELECT * FROM dfs.`/tmp/test`
  4. Drill is returning exception (see attachment)
    SYSTEM ERROR: IOException: Bad host information for cid=2182, host=<FQDN>

Problem is that the FQDN is missing last character, which could be theoretically the reason. I'm not sure where host names are configured in Drill, but other components (OS & MapR) are working just fine. Even Drill on files is working ok, the only problem seems to be MapRDB tables.

What was tried:

  • change openjdk1.8 to oracle java 1.8
  • change to oracle java 1.7


On my third environment (MapR 5.1 - single node) this scenario is working just fine, but the node has short host name.


Are there any limits with host names or is there any possibility to configure this in Drill? Thanks