How should I prepare for the Spark Developer exam?

Discussion created by onelson on Oct 6, 2016

The MCSD - MapR Certified Spark Developer 1.6 exam currently covers Apache Spark 1.6. Future versions may cover Apache Spark 2.0 or later releases. The exam currently includes only multiple choice questions.


In order to learn Spark, you will need strong programming skills. A minimum of one year programming experience is recommended. While you can use Spark in Java, Python, or Scala, note that the exam questions are written in Scala. There are many online courses to learn these languages. Here are a few to get you started: 


Next, you will need to understand the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, Big Data, and the MapR Converged Data Platform. You can learn this from the Essentials Series:


The exam focuses on using Spark in a variety of hands-on situations. You should complete all of these courses, and pay special attention to the lab activities:


Completing the instructor-led class DEV 3600 - Developing Apache Spark Applications is also recommended, if possible.


You can also review the MCSD study guide, the Apache Spark documentation, and participate in forums related to Spark:


Finally, you should experiment with Spark. Build your own Apache Spark applications before taking your exam to get the most hands-on experience!


Happy learning!