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Certification exam not completed. Can I retake/resume it

Question asked by tom_06 on Sep 30, 2016

I took the MCSD exam via examslocal yesterday 10.15 pm IST. But during the exam I had one difficulty as I couldn't proceed to next section as the "next question" button was not visible. I communicated this to exam proctor and he asked me to try some options like ,refresh ,relogin etc. But it didn't resolve the issue. So he paused the exam. After half an hour he asked me whether any of the questions I skipped. Then I checked there was single question I unanswered, he said that is why it disallowing to proceed. But I didn't see anywhere such a thing like if we skipped some questions (if we are not sure the answer) that can be treated as incorrect answer?. Okay after that I resume the session and when I reached around 40 mins left for my exam, internet connection lost for 3 mins.when it is reconnected (i can say it did not take more than 4 mins) , the screen displayed like "your exam has been completed and results where uploaded". At that moment , the actual time was 12.30 midnight, which past the actual scheduled time of 2hrs I agreed. But in between proctor paused the exam because of the couldnot proceed issue, I had 40 mins left in my exam clock. 

Now Can I resume the exam for the remaining time?  What should I do ? It was not really my mistake...the proctor should have helped me to resolve it with minimum time..certification