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Async hbase - new Filters for Scanner

Question asked by gesgeorge on Sep 23, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by gesgeorge


I'm looking to add a few of the filters available in the standard HBase API to async hbase. It looks straight forward to add them but there are one or two things that I'm not sure about.


Some of the filters I'm looking to add are SingleColumnValueFilter, SkipFilter etc. I find them useful but missing in async hbase. 


Aditya Kishore Specifically asking you these since I see you are primary committer to the mapr async hbase fork. 


What do the ids in the ScanFilters represent? For example, in the ColumnRangeFilter, you will see the following?

// MapR addition
private static final int kColumnRangeFilter = 0x1aad36f1;


How do I go about setting these IDs? Are they randomly generated?