Missing real repositories for archives

Discussion created by dodoman on Sep 16, 2016

Hello there,


after a customer requested an additional edgenode this week, we agreed to install it in a really short time on redhat.

This is not possible anymore with your rpm repositories because of the wrong strategy you are using.



It is no way to go if we are forced to upgrade a package to be able to install an additional node. ()

After multiple hours of searching i finally found the archive of the single rpm files.

The cluster was installed less than half a year ago and you don't provide the packages anymore.


We are talking about an installation of begin of may with MapR 5.1.


Do you think it's not needed that a customer is able to install new nodes?


What other companies doing is providing multiple rpm repositories. One for actual packages of the last 2 versions and a second one as an archive.

They also provide an rpm package wich contains the package informations. If this package is updated, your archive repository will be enabled automatically.


So what you have todo is creating an archive repository for the different kind of os.


If you have request about this, ask you own consultants.



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