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tableau over drill on dfs

Question asked by kaushal_jha on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by nrentachintala

 Hi Team,

    I am trying to connect tableau to the drill using the DFS connectors and need some help please.



I have tableau talking to the drill-bit successfully using the drill ODBC driver, i.e tableau is able to connect to drill and is able to get a list of the schemas under drill. but is not able to get the list of table dirs (for my self created DFS based schema ) under the warehouse location.


drill explorer is able to navigate to the schema and get a list of "tables"  (it is the list of directories on DFS under the warehouse dir i.e list of tables) and query against it. just that tableau does not get the tables list.



here's my config from the DFS based storage plugin. the schema name bt_warehouse shows up correctly in drill explorer and tableau. 


"bt_warehouse": {
"location": "/user/bigtable/logs/hive/warehouse/",
"writable": false,
"defaultInputFormat": "parquet"