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Data in Hbase is showing in encripted format, how to resolve this

Question asked by udaykiran on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by MichaelSegel

When we load data from Mysql to Hbase using Sqoop,


example : sudo sqoop import --connect jdbc:mysql://mysql_server/mysql_table --table mysql_table_name --hbase-table hbase_table_name --hbase-row-key mysql_column --column-family metadata --hbase-create-table --username root -P.


We ran above command two times to create two column families in Hbase table.

After loading data into Hbase when we query using Apache drill UI/Drill Explorer the results are showing in encripted format.But it has the values as showing in the HBase Shell is as follows:


hbase(main):003:0> scan 'exampleHbTable'
  ExampleRow1 column=CircarConsulting:MapReduce, timestamp=1371807313165, value=Hadoop 
  ExampleRow1 column=Projects:MapReduce, timestamp=1371807313165, value=MyProject


In google we found the following query to convert the data as follows

SELECT CONVERT_FROM(row_key, 'UTF8') AS studentid,
  CONVERT_FROM(, 'UTF8') AS name,
  CONVERT_FROM(students.address.state, 'UTF8') AS state,
  CONVERT_FROM(students.address.street, 'UTF8') AS street,
  CONVERT_FROM(students.address.zipcode, 'UTF8') AS zipcode
FROM students;


Is there any other way to show data in normal form in Hbase itself when we query, because when we use BI tolls on the top of Hbase we can't run this kind of quires every time.


Please suggest us some solution.


Thanks in Advance