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How to use Mapr virutual box(machine) in PC.

Question asked by SankarRaman on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2016 by SankarRaman

I'm a big data enthusiast, now MAPR evangelist. I'm practicing my MapReduce in cloudera VM machiine.

Now I want to execute the same Java code in MAPR Virtual box environment. I did following

1. Downloaded Virtualbox image.

2.Able to login through http://localhost:8443 and through hue web interface I've placed input files in HDFS.

My question is how to compile and execute MapReduce Java code that I've created in cloudera VM.

Is this possible to upload/execute MapReduce code through Hue user interface.

At present I'm going through DEV301 for MCHD certification and I want to try out lab exercise in MAPR VM sandbox

Please advise.