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Issue running tsdb (v2.2)

Question asked by catverdier on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by catverdier

I have followed the guideline to install MapR OpenTSDB:

GitHub - mapr-demos/opentsdb-maprdb-install: Post installation scripts to setup OpenTSDB on MapR-DB

I got an exception running the test at Step7 (tsdb import test_data --auto-metric):

Caused by: org.hbase.async.TableNotFoundException: "/user/mapr/tsdb"

        at org.hbase.async.HBaseClient$

        at org.hbase.async.HBaseClient$

        at com.stumbleupon.async.Deferred.doCall(


All tables have been created with the command at step 7 : su mapr -c ./


Should I add specific rights for the maprdb tables?


Any idea?