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The change of capacity-scheduler.xml does not take effect

Question asked by shoushou on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by Naveen Gainedi

I added the following property





in capacity-scheduler.xml


The above property means the queue named default can access the node labeled as alpha. I have tried the following methods in an attempt to make my change to the capacity-scheduler.xml file take effect

1.       Restart the resource manager on MapR control system (which can be accessed by https://<hostname>:8443)

2.       Reboot the nodes on which the resource managers are installed

3.       Run the command

$yarn rmadmin -refreshQueues

at the terminal of the node on which the resource manager is running


However, none of them can make the change of capacity-scheduler.xml take effect.


The MapR platform that I am using is MapR Converged Data Platform, the version is 5.1. Can anyone let me know whether this is a bug or I don't find the right way to make the change of capacity-scheduler.xml take effect?