FUSE client licensing

Discussion created by msv on Aug 29, 2016
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Hello, I have a question regarding the FUSE client licensing in MapR. I find that use of the client is the only way how to run Spark seamlessly, and that the 10 license limit is making this very cumbersome.


On our cluster, we use the FUSE client to mount a local volume on each node of the cluster. The mounted directory is then used for the "Spark temp" space. We have evaluated other options, but they are impractical:

  1. Use of separate hard drive implies static partitioning of resources, which is wasteful and hard to manage.
  2. Use of NFS instead of FUSE has terrible performance, because all requests have to go through NFS server, even if the requested volume is local to the node.


So as I see it use of the FUSE client for Spark temp space combines flexibility of disk space allocation with acceptable performance. But currently we can utilize this only on at most 10 nodes. I would therefore like to ask if it would be possible to remove or relax the licensing limit of the FUSE client? For example it could be unrestricted in case where it is solely used inside the cluster nodes and/or to mount a local volume.



Michal Svoboda