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Can MapR Installer be used to un-install services?

Question asked by Naveen Gainedi on Aug 20, 2016
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I did a successful install of a 2-node cluster. I then realized that I installed a component that I do not need. I tried using the "incremental install" option of the installer. I proceeded to uncheck the service that I wanted to uninstall but at the service layout section of the installer, I was shown a message that I have to allocate the unchecked the service to one of the nodes. Effectively, the uninstaller doesn't let me uninstall a service.


My questions:

1. Can one uninstall a service using the installer?

2. If we uninstall the service outside the installer (by removing the package, and restarting warden), does the installer know that the service is no longer installed on the cluster?

3. If the answer to #2 is no, is the utility of an installer just to get folks up and running quickly and in the longer run, it cannot be used to maintain the state of the cluster i.e. install/uninstall/move around services?