Modify Drill Physical Plan

Discussion created by jdoll Employee on Aug 15, 2016

Hi, everyone,


I'm trying to modify a drill physical query plan, then execute it.  First, I'm just trying to execute a physical plan to make sure I understand how this works.


1.  I open the Drill Web Interface and click on the Query tab.

2.  I click on the PHYSICAL PLAN button.

4.  I generate the physical plan with the "EXPLAIN PLAN" query.  I save the results to a file.

5.  I copy the physical plan plan part of the JSON into the Drill Web interface.

6.  I click on the "Submit" button.

7.  I get an error, saying:

"SYSTEM ERROR: Null pointer exception"


Has anyone seen this error before?  Do you know what I'm doing wrong?  I'm starting the physical plan at the { "head" tag.


Any and all suggestions are most welcome.  Thanks!

-Jamie Doll