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Getting error on MapR Installer to upgrade from Mapr5.0 to 5.1 ( Yarn and Hadoop present)

Question asked by ashwinikp on Aug 12, 2016
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I have a 3 node MapR 5.0 cluster M3 community edition which was installed and configured manually ( without MapR Installer).

It had the MapR core components , Pig and MapRDB components. It is working fine as of now. But now I want to upgrade the same to 5.1 and install other components like hue and oozie as well. I am using MapR Installer to do the same , however I get error during validation. It says that Hadoop and Yarn are present. ( these folders are definitely going to be present as they got installed earlier)

But to take this further, If I remove the opt/mapr folder so that the validation of nodes goes ahead, and installation begins, will that not remove all the existing configurations and other folders from /opt/mapr which were created when the mapR was installed the first time.


Please let me know the way to go ahead. Please find attached the screen shot for the same