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Discussion created by dannyman on Aug 3, 2016
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We recently had serious performance issues on our cluster. Along the way I noticed that several of our disk balancer slots had wedged up.  This command lists for us what what container moves are in progress and when they were started:

for cid in `maprcli dump balancerinfo -json|grep containerid|awk -F : '{print $2}' | tr ',' ' '`; do sudo grep "moving container of size" /opt/mapr/logs/cldb.log | grep -w ID:$cid | tail -1; done|sort

We found that several had been initiated days ago, and the cluster's ability to perform disk balancing was severely impaired. Restart CLDB and things improve ...


... now my question is: is this a bug? Should I report it? Has it already been addressed? Should I install the latest patch? **Where can I obtain release notes for patches?**


We are presently at ``