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Need urgent help - is hbase-client-1.1.1-mapr-1602.jar corrupted?

Question asked by Ramakrishna_Prasad on Aug 1, 2016
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I am trying to call the checkHBaseAvailable function which is present in HBaseAdmin class. It seems like the class/jar which is shipped with mapr is corrupted for hbase-1.1.1 version.


I opened the jar in the Java Decompiler app. It shows the below message in the HbaseAdmin constructor and there is no code present after that:



  public HBaseAdmin(Configuration c)

    throws MasterNotRunningException, ZooKeeperConnectionException, IOException


    this.conf = new Configuration(c);

    if (this.conf != null) {

      this.conf.set("mapr.hbase.default.db", "unsetDB");


    this.hbaseConnector_ = new HBaseConnector(// INTERNAL ERROR //

<-- I am unable to see any code after this line -->


The same jar is working fine in 0.98 version.


Could someone please help me with this and let me know if there is a open issue on this?