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Trouble with Drill Explorer using Mapr ODBC Driver

Question asked by plangdon on Aug 3, 2016
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Hi all,


I'm an IT analyst evaluating the use of the MapR driver to connect Apache Drill to Tableau.  I am new to both, and have hit a stumbling block - would love some help.  I am using Apache Drill 1.7.0 to query JSON data. I am successfully able to query using command line.  I have installed the MapRODBC64bit driver from the following link on Apache Drill's site. I have configured a System DSN to dfs.default on my Windows 7 64 bit machine and testing the connection when Drill is running is successful.


I can open drill explorer and browse the directories to my dataset, which is a JSON file  containing turn data from a popular digital card game. When I select sample data from drill, parquet files, It displays correctly the data when browsed. When I select my JSON file after extracting the JSON into my sample data directory I get the following error:


ERROR [HY000] [MapR][Drill] (1070) Drill fails to execute the query with error [30020]Communication error. End of file


I have found reference to earlier issues with Drill and MapR's driver that indicate that this may be a driver mismatch, but I am unsure because I was able to return sample data. I was unable to determine what versions of drill my driver supports, but I am open to downgrading to an earlier version if this is in fact the problem .  I have not worked with this data before, so I am not sure if the data is malformed. Any insight into how I can resolve the error?