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Unable to configure MapR local volume as the spill directory for Apache Drill

Question asked by aalvarez on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by aalvarez


I was getting some memory allocation problems and decided to configure MapR local volume as the spill directory. However, I am now having problems identifying what failed after I change the configurations.


The current error looks this:

0: jdbc:drill:> select * from dfs.views.query limit 2;

Error: SYSTEM ERROR: JaninoRuntimeException: Code attribute in class "org.apache.drill.exec.test.generated.HashJoinProbeGen283" grows beyond 64 KB


Fragment 3:13


[Error Id: 4f8b2248-a937-42dc-8961-961aa6835397 on metrics4:31010] (state=,code=0)



     1) The query that threw this output used to work before I configured the spill directory, so not the source of the problem. No other queries works. (Updated: some less complex queries still work)

     2) Drill is failing every single time on this machine: metrics4

     3) this is what the drillbit.log looks like in that machine:


2016-07-28 21:05:40,317 [286555fd-48ed-0b9e-04d2-32048ddc9517:frag:1:17] INFO  o.a.d.e.w.f.FragmentStatusReporter - 286555fd-48ed-0b9e-04d2-32048ddc9517:1:17: State to report: CANCELLED

2016-07-28 21:05:40,317 [drill-executor-45] WARN  o.a.d.exec.rpc.control.WorkEventBus - Fragment 286555fd-48ed-0b9e-04d2-32048ddc9517:1:17 not found in the work bus.

2016-07-28 21:05:40,326 [286555fd-48ed-0b9e-04d2-32048ddc9517:frag:1:25] INFO  o.a.d.e.w.fragment.FragmentExecutor - 286555fd-48ed-0b9e-04d2-32048ddc9517:1:25: State change requested CANCELLATION_REQUESTED --> FINISHED

2016-07-28 21:05:40,326 [286555fd-48ed-0b9e-04d2-32048ddc9517:frag:1:25] INFO  o.a.d.e.w.f.FragmentStatusReporter - 286555fd-48ed-0b9e-04d2-32048ddc9517:1:25: State to report: CANCELLED

2016-07-28 21:05:40,326 [drill-executor-47] WARN  o.a.d.exec.rpc.control.WorkEventBus - Fragment 286555fd-48ed-0b9e-04d2-32048ddc9517:1:25 not found in the work bus.


Here is how I configure MapR local volume as the spill directory for Apache Drill based on this website:

1. Create a MapR local volume for each node through MCS:


     After installed, volumes were active and no alarms were triggered. Masked text is real name of nodes.

2. Add an environment variable to on all nodes.

export DRILL_LOCALHOST=`hostname -f`


3. Add the configurations for spill directory in drill-override.conf on all nodes.*

drill.exec: {

  cluster-id: "com_mapr_corp_metrics-drillbits",

  zk.connect: "metrics1:5181,metrics2:5181,metrics3:5181"

  sort.external.spill.directories: ["/tmp/"${DRILL_LOCALHOST}],

  sort.external.spill.fs: "maprfs:///"



*Only have zookeeper installed in metrics1, metrics2 & metrics3, hence why m4cis not reflected there.

4. Restart all drillbits




maprcli node services -name drill-bits -action restart -filter csvc=="drill-bits"


5. Check the configurations

0: jdbc:drill:> select * from sys.drillbits where `current`=true;


|          hostname           | user_port  | control_port  | data_port  | current  |


| metrics3  | 31010      | 31011         | 31012      | true     |


1 row selected (0.146 seconds)


0: jdbc:drill:> select name,string_val from sys.boot where name in ('drill.exec.sort.external.spill.fs','drill.exec.sort.external.spill.directories');


|                    name                     |                                                string_val                                                 |


| drill.exec.sort.external.spill.directories  | [

    # merge of drill-override.conf: 25,env var DRILL_LOCALHOST


]  |

| drill.exec.sort.external.spill.fs           | "maprfs:///"                                                                                              |


2 rows selected (0.253 seconds)


I tried reverting that node alone to the previous state but it didn't work. Ran out of ideas.

Any help or ideas will be welcomed. I can't find any documentation on the current error.



Environment: mapr 5.1 drill 1.6 on CentOS 7.2