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how can we set default hive params similar to .hiverc(hive) in beeline

Question asked by i'msuku on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by i'msuku

Hi Experts,


I was wondering if there's a possibility of setting default hive parameters for beeline as we do it with .hiverc for hive shell.

As some of our BO tools use beeline in the background and fails at some queries with container size issues, i would like to set them as default for that specific user.


Background on the issue:

We have a central port for HS2 where users can connect using jbdc connection, so making the change centrally in the hive-site.xml is a possible way, but this applies to all the users and may end up in resource outage, if i set the default container size to say 12g.

So is there a way i can set the beeline default parameters specifically for users.


I have tried to set a .hive2rc .beelinerc which didn't helped.


Your help/guidance would be much appreciated.