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Compressible and non-Compressible data ???

Question asked by anilmapr on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by MichaelSegel

From the MapR Admin Study Guide

Q) You are creating a new cluster, and will load 200 TB of non-compressible data

into the cluster. 20 TB of the data is considered critical, and will have a replication

factor of 5. The rest of the data will use the default replication factor. About how

much total cluster storage space should you start with?

A. 640 TB

B. *800 TB

C. 900 TB

D. 1280 TB


The Answer provided for this is 800 TB in MapR Admin Study Guide

According to me if 20 TB is critical data and have a replication of 5 ---> 5 * 20 TB = 100 TB across the 5 nodes

Difference in (200 -20 TB) ===> 180 TB With replication of 5 ===> 5*180= 900TB we have to start within cluster



Can anyone Explain the following points from the question mentioned above


1)  How come it could be 800 TB to start with?

2)  Is there any difference in storing of Compressible and non-Compressible data In MapR Cluster?

3)  What is meant by critical data ?

4) What is the default replication taking in this scenario?