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MCS not opening after setting up single node cluster, successfully

Question asked by hadoop_sg on Jul 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by anilmapr

MCS not opening after setting up single node cluster, successfully. The services are running successfully in the single node cluster. Also the IP is added in the web.conf. But, MCS is not opening. Please find below the adminuiapp.log.


[eghosau@node1 ~]$ cat /opt/mapr/logs/adminuiapp.log

Header: hostName:, Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time, processName: webserver, processId: 6247, MapR Build Version:

2016-07-26 11:55:07,788 INFO  com.mapr.adminuiapp.CommandServer [main]: Initializing Web Server

2016-07-26 11:55:08,208 INFO  com.mapr.adminuiapp.CommandServer [main]: MapR BuildVersion: null

2016-07-26 11:55:08,215 INFO  com.mapr.adminuiapp.CommandServer [main]: Loading properties file : /opt/mapr/conf/web.conf

2016-07-26 11:55:09,012 INFO  org.mortbay.log [main]: Logging to org.slf4j.impl.Log4jLoggerAdapter(org.mortbay.log) via org.mortbay.log.Slf4jLog

2016-07-26 11:55:15,488 INFO  org.mortbay.log [main]: jetty-6.1.26

2016-07-26 11:55:19,062 INFO  / [main]: Aliases are enabled

2016-07-26 11:55:19,140 WARN  com.mapr.adminuiapp.common.HttpListener [main]: Failed to start http. One or more parameters missing in configuration:, mapr.webui.http.port

2016-07-26 11:55:20,634 INFO  org.apache.hadoop.http.HttpServer [main]: Exclude SSL cipher suites: SSL_DHE_RSA_EXPORT_WITH_DES40_CBC_SHA,SSL_RSA_EXPORT_WITH_DES40_CBC_SHA,SSL_RSA_EXPORT_WITH_RC4_40_MD5

2016-07-26 11:55:20,764 INFO  org.mortbay.log [main]: Started HttpServer$1@

[eghosau@node1 ~]$