Timeseries data insertion using Apache Phoenix

Discussion created by sasikumar on Jul 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by MichaelSegel

Hi, I'm trying to insert timeseries data to HBase using Phoenix 4.4.0, I would need a row per device per day. I'm capturing data from devices every minute. So in a row per day 1440 records (columns) has to be stored. I have designed a schema as follows: create table devicedata (deviceId integer not null, day date not null, ts timestamp, val double CONSTRAINT my_pk PRIMARY KEY (deviceId, day)); But when I use upsert, it updates the values and in a row, I always have only the last value of the day. Help me design a schema using phoenix, to store continuous device data. My data is going to be huge and performance is my first concern.