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Why did I get this error hive.products table not found?

Question asked by bdebnath on Jul 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by aengelbrecht

Hello there,


I have been following the Mapr academy tutorials recently. I am now at DA410 course and was trying this following query in Mapr sandbox with Drill?


select cust_clk.cust_name, as prod_name, cust_clk.`date` from hive.products as prod, (select cast( as varchar(40)) as cust_name, clk.prod_id, clk.`date` from maprdb.customers as cust, (select cast (clicks.user_info.cust_id as bigint) as cust_id, cast(flatten(clicks.trans_info.prod_id) as bigint) as prod_id, clicks.trans_info.purch_flag as purch_flag, to_date(clicks.`date`,'yyyy-mm-dd') as`date` from dfs.clicks.`/clicks/clicks.json` as clicks) as clk where cast(cust.row_key as bigint) = clk.cust_id and clk.purch_flag='false') as cust_clk where cust_clk.prod_id = prod.prod_id and cust_clk.`date` between '2014-01-01' and '2014-03-31';


But when I run this query, i get this error:


Query Failed: An Error Occurred

org.apache.drill.common.exceptions.UserRemoteException: VALIDATION ERROR: From line 1, column 73 to line 1, column 76: Table 'hive.products' not found SQL Query null [Error Id: 083adf11-b1ff-4917-83eb-fe6c224d3aec on maprdemo:31010]


Can someone please suggest where did I make the mistake and how to fix this issue?

Thanks and will really appreciate your time.


--Bikash Debnath