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Detecting MapR table-put failures due to exceeding row size limit

Question asked by sumitsu on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by Rachel Silver

Is there any way for an application writing to MapR tables via the HBase API either (a) to detect that a particular PUT operation will breach the row size limit (as described here) for a particular row or (b) to detect, after the fact, that the PUT operation failed for that reason?


As per this document, HBase-put operations which fail due to an over-size MapR Tables row currently propagate to the client as an IOException coupled with a rather unhelpful Error: Argument list too long(7) message. I could conceivably write the client to check specifically for that message string, but that would seem a brittle solution, especially considering that the message is undocumented (as far as I am aware), and mentions nothing about the row size or the max-size constraint violation. Is there a MapR-FS API I could invoke after catching such an IOException to determine whether a particular table row is nearing the configured size constraint?