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MapR install overrides existing java

Question asked by rupal on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by jbubier


I created a fresh ubuntu instance on EC2 and first installed Oracle Java 1.8.0. I've set JAVA_HOME to this JDK.

'which java' and 'java -version' commands both show me the correct JDK and version.



Testing for JDK 7 or higher ...



Ensuring existing JDK 1.8 is up to date



Extracting templates from packages: 100%



MapR installation does not consider already installed JAVA and always overrides it by installing open-jdk.

Agreed, there would be no issues with multiple java versions on the same host. However, MapR resets JAVA_HOME to open JDK. Why install another java version if one is already installed and compatible with MapR?