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Wire-level security, NFS and Input/output error

Question asked by JS on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by mufeed

I am testdriving the MapR community edition 5.1 on a number of RHEL 6.5 servers. At the moment I am benchmarking MapR-FS. The 5-node cluster (incl. 1 NFS Gateway) worked as expected prior enabling wire-level security. This feature requires authentication and authorization using maprlogin prior using the hadoop fs commands. No problem here.

Next, in order to access the volumes using a local mount point, I installed and configured mapr-loopbacknfs on a client. Using a longterm ticket (365 days) I can connect to /mapr and also further down to /mapr/

I am able view and create files and folders and also can use nano filename, enter some text and save the file. However using cat or tail leads to an Input/output error.



Configuration of rc.local used for /mapr automount:

     mount -o hard,nolock,nfsvers=3 localhost:/mapr /mapr

df shows a wrong size of the mounted partition (100 G), the cluster has around 65,4 TB available. MIght this be a blocksize issue?


Can anybody point me to the right direction where the problem might be? Thanks!