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mapr 5.1 install problem - specifying disks

Question asked by kristoffp on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by kristoffp


I'm absolute newbie with mapr.

I'm trying to set up a three nodes cluster for testing and development using the web installer.


I have three identical virtual machines running CentOS 7.2.


There are no separate disks which I could us for the mapr file system, so I created a 20GB file using dd and /dev/zero on each of the machines (similar to Testing MapR Without Formatting Physical Disks - MapR 5.0 Documentation - )

That however doesn't work, without saying what is actually wrong.

Next step was to test with a loop device, i.e. running "losetup /dev/loop1 /root/maprstorage" and then specifying /dev/loop1 as disk, but that didn't help.


I then used the raw command to bind the device to bind a raw device to my loop device (raw /dev/raw/raw1 /dev/loop1) and use that device, but again, this failed.


All what I see in the log for the nodes is: (ignore the machine name, it is edited here):

2016-06-15 15:33:37.123:  failed: [Verify prerequisites] [mybox.home] => {"failed": true, "prereq_payload": {"disks": {"/dev/fd0": {"selected": false, "size": "4 KB"}, "/dev/sda1": {"selected": false, "size": "500 MB", "unavailable": "Disk mounted at /boot"}, "/dev/sda2": {"selected": false, "size": "7 GB"}, "/dev/sda3": {"selected": false, "size": "56 GB", "unavailable": "Disk mounted at /"}, "/dev/sr0": {"selected": false, "size": "16 GB"}}, "external_address": "", "prereqs": {"CPU": {"required": "x86_64", "state": "VALID", "value": "x86_64"}, "Disks": {"required": "/dev/loop1", "state": "ERROR", "value": "/dev/loop1"}, "Distribution": {"required": "Suse,CentOS,RedHat,Ubuntu", "state": "VALID", "value": "CentOS 7.2.1511"}, "Free /": {"required": "10 GB", "state": "VALID", "value": "31.1 GB"}, "Free /opt": {"required": "128 GB", "state": "WARN", "value": "31.1 GB"}, "Free /tmp": {"required": "10 GB", "state": "VALID", "value": "31.1 GB"}, "GID": {"required": "5000", "state": "VALID", "value": "5000"}, "Hadoop": {"required": "absent", "state": "VALID", "value": "absent"}, "Home Dir": {"required": "present", "state": "VALID", "value": "~mapr"}, "Hostname": {"required": "mybox.home", "state": "VALID", "value": "mybox.home"}, "RAM": {"required": "8 GB", "state": "VALID", "value": "16.0 GB"}, "SWAP": {"required": "1.6 GB", "state": "VALID", "value": "8.0 GB"}, "UID": {"required": 5000, "state": "VALID", "value": "5000"}, "Yarn": {"required": "absent", "state": "VALID", "value": "absent"}}, "state": "CHECKING"}}


Any idea how to solve this or do I really need separate disks for the mapr filesystem? (Remember, it is just for testing etc, performance doesn't really matter)


Thanks in advance