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fluentd kafka plugin ( with 0.9 api support )

Question asked by jsaura on Jun 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by jsaura

hi there


i was just trying the new kafka plugin for fluentd that is able to support 0.9 and 0.10 kafka api .

plugin looks good this time i don't get metadata or weird issues regarding the API version but it seems the plugin is not able to connect to the brokers


i have created de stream and the topic but i do not see port 9092 listening in none of my mapr nodes, and so the kafka plugin says is not able to connect to any of the brokers ..


am i doing something wrong on the mapr event stream side?

i followed the guides and so i did


maprcli stream create -path /logs

maprcli stream topic create -path /logs -topic app_log


mapr@mapr-node02:~$ maprcli stream topic list -path /logs

topic    partitions  logicalsize  consumers  maxlag  physicalsize

app_log  1           24576        7          0       49152


but fluentd says is not able to connect to the brokers on port 9092


error_class="Kafka::ConnectionError" error="Could not connect to any

of the seed brokers: mapr-node01XXXX:9092, mapr-node02.XXXX:9092" plugin_id="object:3fa598217168"




does mapr use other port for even streaming because i don't see 9092 on listen state.