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Can I write into MapR Streams, using Spark with Kafka API?

Question asked by analysis230 on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2016 by analysis230

Right now I am trying to use the code given at the end of this post. It always throws and error saying closed channel exception, If I start a Kafka server on the server address I am passing in the program it tries to connect but still fails and gives error that failure getting partition metadata for the given topic, does it exist?


But to my understanding when reading from a MapR stream only the API is same and I should not actually have to have the brokers running (they are just dummies passed because the API wouldn't accept code with brokers listed). I also tried passing MapR streams master (for the given topic) as the broker but it gave a connection denied by the peer exception.


Does anybody have a sample spark program (Written in Java, haven't tried scala yet I would get to it soon) that reads from a MapR stream? or writes to it? or preferably both. Thanks in Advance




package com.streams.spark_consumer;


import org.apache.spark.SparkConf;


//import org.apache.spark.examples.streaming.JavaDStreamKafkaWriter;


import org.apache.spark.streaming.kafka.KafkaUtils;

import org.apache.spark.streaming.Durations;


import scala.Tuple2;

//import org.apache.spark.examples.streaming.StreamingExamples;


import java.util.Arrays;

import java.util.HashMap;

import java.util.HashSet;

import java.util.Iterator;

import java.util.Map;

import java.util.Set;

import java.util.regex.Pattern;


import kafka.serializer.StringDecoder;


import org.cloudera.spark.streaming.kafka.*;


import kafka.javaapi.producer.Producer;

import kafka.producer.KeyedMessage;

import kafka.producer.ProducerConfig;

import org.apache.kafka.clients.consumer.ConsumerConfig;



import java.util.Properties;



public class SparkFromMapRConsumer {


public static void main (String args[]) throws Exception


  /*if (args.length < 2) {

        System.err.println("Usage: JavaDirectKafkaWordCount <brokers> <topics>\n" +

            "  <brokers> is a list of one or more Kafka brokers\n" +

            "  <topics> is a list of one or more kafka topics to consume from\n\n");




  /*class ProcessingFunc implements Function<String, KeyedMessage<String, String>> {

      public KeyedMessage<String, String> call(String in) throws Exception {

        return new KeyedMessage<String, String>("original", "null",in);






    Properties producerConf = new Properties();

        producerConf.put("serializer.class", "kafka.serializer.StringEncoder");

        producerConf.put("key.serializer.class", "kafka.serializer.StringEncoder");

        producerConf.put("", "localhost:9092");

        producerConf.put("request.required.acks", "1");*/


      String brokers = "maprdemo:9092";

      String topics = "/user/vipulrajan/streaming/original:sensor";

      // Create context with a 2 seconds batch interval

      SparkConf sparkConf = new SparkConf().setMaster("local[2]").setAppName("MapRStreams");

      JavaStreamingContext jssc = new JavaStreamingContext(sparkConf, Durations.seconds(2));


      Set<String> topicsSet = new HashSet<String>(Arrays.asList(topics.split(",")));

      Map<String, String> kafkaParams = new HashMap<String,String>();

      kafkaParams.put("zookeeper.connect", "localhost:2181");

      kafkaParams.put("", brokers);



      // Create direct kafka stream with brokers and topics

      JavaPairInputDStream<String, String> messages = KafkaUtils.createDirectStream(










      JavaDStream<String> lines = Function<Tuple2<String, String>, String>() {


          public String call(Tuple2<String, String> tuple2) {

            return tuple2._2();




      //int pass;


      JavaDStream<String> words = Function<String, String>() {


          public String call(String x) {


        final String tempString = x;

        String[] tempArray = x.split(",");


        if (Double.parseDouble(tempArray[3]) == 0)



        System.out.println("Fail " + tempString);







        System.out.println("Pass " + tempString);


            return tempArray[3];



        /*JavaDStream<String> Conditional = Function<String,String>() {


            public String call(String s) {


            System.out.println("S is " + s);

              return s; If I write something with the VI editore it









        System.out.println("Yahan tak to chal hi raha hai 1");

        //JavaDStreamKafkaWriter<String> writer = JavaDStreamKafkaWriterFactory.fromJavaDStream(lines);


        System.out.println("Han chal raha hai yahan tak chutiye 2");

        //writer.writeToKafka(producerConf, new ProcessingFunc());

        // Start the computation