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How to copy files for Lab - which connection?

Question asked by einfach_machen on May 29, 2016
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I tried everything I can to copy the files (+FILES) to the mapr sandbox. I installed on WIN10 the sandbox with vmware. Everything works.


But then I get confused, which connection I should use (and which user)? In the instruction DEV 360 - Apache Spark Essentials  it's


but this doesn't work, there is no connection to the server. I tried mapr@ but this doesn't work, not with Port 22 or 2222 or 8443.


I found in the community the port with user01, then I get a connection but the system doesn't found my win-file (see: File Copy from my local drive to VM not working without an answer until now...).


Then I tried winSCP ( with 22), but I don't get a connection with SFTP and when I tried FTP (with and without SSL) it doesn't work either.

I'm totally confused and frustrated, can someone please help me? Thanks!