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How to get a cluster for testing (ADM 200)

Question asked by joogeorg on May 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2017 by stealthfrognz


I plan to take the course "ADM 200 - Install a MapR Cluster". My problem is, that I have no cluster yet. In your course you use nodes with 16GB memory and 6 disk. I haven't this yet.

Now, I think about 2 possibilities:

First, an AWS EC2 3 nodes cluster with following configuration: t2.large 8 GB memory and 500GB EBS

Second, I by 3 Computer : Intel i5 8Gb and 500 GB disk.


I also want to take the course "DA 410 - Apache Drill Essentials". So I nedd the cluster for a longer time.


In the moment I'm a liitle be confused how to start.

Please, give some advice about my options.

Best regards