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Tried to save RDD into csv file -- format not as expected. How can I dump mapr-db table into csv?

Question asked by danielsobrado on May 24, 2016
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I followed this code and was able to get the correct count of rows, I tried to save the RDD into a csv file:




But the file saved contains the following format instead of the expected strings:


(5a 4d 57 5f 33 31 2f 30 38 2f 32 30 31 35,keyvalues={com.mapr.fs.hbase.RowColKeyValue@5911a1dc, com.mapr.fs.hbase.RowColKeyValue@1499a033, com.mapr.fs.hbase.RowColKeyValue@71e47ed5, com.mapr.fs.hbase.RowColKeyValue@50430c5d})


How can I dump my mapr-db table into a csv file?