Some comments on DEV-362

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Here are some comments/errors that I found while going through DEV-362:

  • Overall: it's sometimes annoying to press the play button after every 10sec piece of comment on slide. It would be nice to have checkbox, like: "Automatically switch to next slide";
  • Lesson 7, Slide 21: In the "Machine Learning" row, it's better to replace Mahout with something else, like H2O, because Mahout right now more ML environment, built on top of Spark ML, and other libraries.  In the "Stream Processing" row it would be nice to mention Flink;
  • Lesson 7, Quizz: formulated very vague - to search words "FIFA", "Women's", and "World Cup" the Spark ML is overkill. It's better to formulate it as "containing sport-related words, such as FIFA, etc.", or something like. Spark SQL is also not "required" dependency - the ML could be done on pure RDDs without DataFrames;
  • Lesson 8, slide 34, Quizz: Can't enter any value into the input fields under the Firefox 42 & Safari (Mac OS X 10.10.5), latest Flash version. (asked separately as DEV-362 Quizz error:  Can't enter any value into the input fields, and it was resolved - I was need to drag the text to input fields);
  • Lesson 8, Slide 76: Since Spark 1.3, for Kafka are supported Direct Streams that don't rely on receivers, but use Kafka's functionality to track last consumed data;
  • Lesson 10 (general note): It would be nice to update course to include an information about


I hope that these comments will help to improve this great course.


Thank you!