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Exam delivery problems, lack of responsiveness from Innovative Exams

Question asked by harisekhon on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by onelson

I tried taking a MapR exam yesterday. After some trouble getting the sharing steps to work with the proctor I eventually switched to another machine to get it working and then after we had passed all the validation and tried to proceed to open the exam the proctor told me to go in to full screen mode which I did and then suddenly the whole session ended and I was kicked out before the exam ever loaded.


The exam is still showing as "scheduled" on and immediately showed as "completed" on innovated exams website although no mention of pass/fail as the exam itself wasn't actually taken :-/  The system seems buggy.


I've been having trouble getting responses from Innovative Exams, I used the chat yesterday and they didn't even try to help me re-open the exam when the proctor was obviously still online because I was messaging him a few minutes before. I got fobbed off with being forced to reschedule and that I should receive an email today to allow me to do that.


So far no email and I can't get through on chat any more either and the only phones numbers are of US and Australia (I'm in the UK and don't want to dial international for a long time).


Exam delivery and customer service needs to be improved.


Can you MapR guys help push from your side?


I'm trying to reschedule for tomorrow evening as it's end of day here and apparently they can't schedule with less than 24 hours in advance... this is ruining my whole schedule for weeks in advance now.